At Merritt Editing, we have over nine years of academic writing, editing, research, project management, and public outreach experience. We excel at helping you with scientific, mathematical, historical, medical, and technical writing, and can assist in other areas, such as job preparation, advertising, fiction/nonfiction/blog writing, and more. We are attentive, creative, and meticulous, and will work with you from start to finish!


Our expertise and ability to help you prepare and manage your projects is particularly helpful for busy job seekers, faculty, clinical residents, graduate students, and authors whose primary language is not English. If you find formatting documents for publication tedious, can no longer edit your paper with an objective eye, or are running out of time to submit, we can help!


Every project and client is different. We strive to cater to your needs, preferences, and timeline to help you succeed!


We hope you are completely satisfied with the quality of our services. Please contact us at any time with concerns or questions!


Resume & Cover Letter Client, 2019

"Emily is knowledgeable, professional, and will work both with and for you! She helped me immensely in writing a cover letter and resume for my nursing school application. It came out perfect, in my opinion. Could not recommend more highly!

Manuscript Editing Client, 2019

"I hired [Merritt Editing] to edit my comprehensive literature review, and I was elated with the results. Not only did my paper come back with significant helpful feedback, but the flow and APA formatting was flawless. I can’t express how helpful and wonderful her work was. My stress melted away after reviewing the final draft after the edits, and needless to say my paper came back with an A. I highly recommend [Merritt Editing]!

Cover Letter Client, 2018

"I had little to no experience in doing such a task; it was kind of embarrassing. I appreciated [their] honesty; ...[they] helped reconstruct a whole new document. Thanks for going the extra mile to explain each revision so I am aware in the future!

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